The Challenge Is….. Accepted!!

The Challenge Is….. Accepted!! The challenge is accepted! Again! Another one! I’ve chosen not to get frustrated over this……my options aren’t much to choose from being here in Mexico.  So I have to make the very best of what’s available. Two reasons I couldn’t bring everything I needed with me. […]

Updating My CD Progress……..

Updating My CD Progress……….. It’s been a while. So, I’m updating my CD progress. I gotta stay in touch! Here we go…… Needless to say, I’m not finished.  I keep coming up with new ideas of arrangement and sounds, but I’m closing in on some.  I need to dedicate more […]

This Style Is New To Me!!! EDM???

This Style Is New To Me! It’s never been my style!  EDM.  Hell do you realize how long it took me to find out what that acronym stood for??? Electronic Dance Music!  (I hope I got that right!) The new recording software is so broad in it’s scope of what […]

Back To What I Love, My Music

Back To What I Love, My Music Happy New Year!!! I’ve not been here much… bad.  But I have been busy!!  I’ve been honing my blogging skills at     Along with learning a new music software program, writing some more tunes, exposing my creativity to some different vibes. Moving to […]

I’m Working On This………………..

I’m Working On This……… I’ve been working on some music for my upcoming CD. I’m having to make adjustments down here in Mexico.  Some things aren’t as convenient as I’m accustomed too.  I can’t just run to one of the many music stores….I’ve found there to be one in Quintana […]

I’m Out There Listening!

I’m Out There Listening! It’s what I do. And I do it most all the time.  Of course there are some who say ‘I never listen to them’!  Not never, I’m just listening to other things.  I’m listening now to more and different music.  And I’m curious as to the […]

Just To Let You Know

Just To Let You Know If I haven’t told you before, I’ll tell you now….  I’ve moved.  I’ve taken my creative self on an adventure.  I’m moved to the Caribbean coast of Mexico. Affectionately known as the Riviera Maya.  A new experience!  I’ve traded one piece of paradise for another […]

The Going Is Slow……..

The Going Is Slow…….. Little by little I’m making a bit of headway. So far, I’m blogging periodically from here……I’ve also got “No More Mondays” back for a Free download… a some new pictures and some places I’ve discovered. This is going slow……. But, it’s really about music. Since getting […]

Welcome to My Music World

Welcome to My Music World I’ve been away working on my ‘Blog’ page ( ) for the past however months learning about this Blogworld that’s the rave….and I think I am at the first step of knowing that I might know what I’m doing. So, I’m starting my little […]

I Think I’ve got it!!!!

Nothing too serious….but I’m finally getting this website put together properly (maybe I should say, semi-properly). It’s just understanding how this darn thingy (website) works. And while I don’t have the total grip on it, I’m getting a bit closer. Soon I’ll be able to write a lot of profound […]