Back To What I Love, My Music

Back To What I Love, My Music

Happy New Year!!!

I’ve not been here much… bad.  But I have been busy!!  I’ve been honing my blogging skills at     Along with learning a new music software program, writing some more tunes, exposing my creativity to some different vibes.

Moving to Mexico has just been a delight.  Challenges yes, but nothing that hasn’t stopped me from enjoying myself and my new adventures.  One problem is I didn’t bring everything I needed for my music.  According to the immigration rules I was limited on musical instruments that I was importing. It seems and I’m sure it’s from previous experience…..they are trying to stop American’s from bringing musical instruments in to Mexico for resale.  Hell, these people can’t afford those musical instruments!

So, that has been a bit of a set-back.  Most of the instruments I’ve found at the local (about 30 miles away) music store are the 2nd tier instruments from the major and not so major music instrument companies.  And frankly, those instruments are pricey compared to back in the states.

Some sites ship to Mexico….GREAT!  But they don’t ship just any instruments brands.  I guess it’s a NAFTA thing.  So, I can buy an instrument thru and have it shipped for more than that same instrument purchased here, even though the price may be less expensive.  What happens is…..the shipping cost more than in the states but it’s the ‘import fee’ assessed that’s the killer.

So, I’m having my audio interface shipped to me for less than I can buy one here!!!  Besides, mine is a much better piece of equipment than anything I can get here.  This I could have brought here with me if I had the room!!!  But room in the SUV was precious, too precious.

Back To What I Love, My Music

But, there’s other things I’m able to do with my mics, acoustic guitar, and keyboard (I bought that here…..that was inexpensive) to operate my software via midi.  Plus I like to play the keyboard.

Okay!!!  Enough rambling!!!

Trip on over to the ‘MusicPreview’ tab and Download a FREE Copy of ‘No More Mondays’!  From what I’m told it’s a very ‘easy and painless process’.

I’ll be back shortly……lots of experience, lots of music on the way.

I think I’ll start off sharing some clips from my first CD from several years back.  It’s not the best on certain issues, but I did it and i’m PROUD that I did it!

Here’s a cut….”Wasting Time”

See ya soon!!!!

Peace, love, and rock-n-roll!!!


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