I’m Out There Listening!

I’m Out There Listening!

It’s what I do. And I do it most all the time.  Of course there are some who say ‘I never listen to them’!  Not never, I’m just listening to other things.  I’m listening now to more and different music.  And I’m curious as to the effect it will have on what I write.

I’m on the Caribbean coast of Mexico!!  I’m not ‘trying’ to fit-in in the sense of forcing myself, but I’m trying to fit-in in a natural sort of way.  Being alive in the moment.  Open to what is happening and taking it in.

Yesterday, I was briefly at a beach in Tulum. Walking….make that trudging along in the sand I pass an outdoor bar at a nearby resort and other than the rows of bottles of liquor enchanting the passerby, me included. Were the authentic sounds of a Caribbean vibe.  This one just grabbed me…..while it had a familiarity about it, there was a distinctive variance.  It caught my attention.  Which, when I’m listening to the sounds around me and seeking out music isn’t hard to find.

I’m out there listening!!!

Realize, there’s such a difference in sound here!  It’s almost as if the sound is designed for a laid back lifestyle that can be transformed to a pulsating frenzy at commanded by a gyrating beat!  Syncopated to the synchronism of life.  I’m not sure if I said something of value, or correctly there, but it is fitting to the surroundings!!

Just to let you know….I’m having fun.

Puerto Morelos

Puerto Morelos

I’ve made the acquaintances of local d.j.’s and resort managers…….introducing me to a new facet of the Caribe Lifestyle.  Can an old dog (me), learn new tricks. That is in play right now.

There’s no new tricks here……it’s music.  It has a beat. I can do this!

It seems to be all in the arrangement…….every song has an arrangement that skillfully (we hope) uses, the beat(s), melody, rhythms, lyrics (if they apply), and a taste of idiosyncrasies that make it unique.  Even to an old time rocker as in me.  Some may say to any who tread in this enchanting landscape that they are doing it wrong…..I beg to differ.  They have made it their own…..unique and authentically theirs.

I’m out there listening!!

I relish the newness, accept the challenge, and look forward to the outcome.

Thanks for tagging along with me……it’s like we’re doing this together!

Peace and Love,


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