I’m Working On This………………..

I’m Working On This………

I’ve been working on some music for my upcoming CD.

I’m having to make adjustments down here in Mexico.  Some things aren’t as convenient as I’m accustomed too.  I can’t just run to one of the many music stores….I’ve found there to be one in Quintana Roo!

I was supposedly limited to what equipment I could bring into Mexico.  From reading this restriction is because the government doesn’t want people bringing in instruments tax free and reselling them.  So, I had to leave behind a lot of gear.  At the border……they didn’t even check my inventory!! So now I’m having to reacquire necessary gear for recording.  Some of that gear isn’t available in Mexico and some of the U.S. companies can’t make that product available for shipping to Mexico.  Must be part of NAFTA.

I’m working on this……..

So, most of what I’m doing now is exploring ideas of writing and a new instrument here and there.  It’s interesting. Sort of like I’m biding my time.  Another thing is I’m moving in about a week, so I’ll have a new address.  But getting things mailed or shipped down here seem to be a bit iffy.  Time consuming, expensive, and quite possibly won’t show up.  I’ll be rolling the dice on this one.

I fortunately find myself in a laid back creative environment…..much to my liking.  Sometimes I think, ‘shouldn’t I be doing something?’!  Crazy to think I can live in such a way!  But, it’s my reality.  There’s so much to see and do here….this is the Riviera Maya…the Caribbean outpost of Mexico.  And it’s rather inexpensive to live here, not as inexpensive as living further inland, but it’s inexpensive.

I’ll have the basics of what I need shipped within the next 2 weeks. Then I’ll engage in the recording aspect while continuing to explore new and creative ideas.

I’m working on this………

What I want to do is after I’ve done my basic recordings is take about 2 weeks away in a jungle rental to record my vocals and whatever else comes about.  I’m sure some animal sounds would abound.  The idea of finding a bungalow deep in the jungle and recording there……just has me charmed.

Well that’s what’s happening here.  Back to work after a short siesta.  I love my siesta.

Peace and Love,


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