Just To Let You Know

Just To Let You Know

If I haven’t told you before, I’ll tell you now….  I’ve moved.  I’ve taken my creative self on an adventure.  I’m moved to the Caribbean coast of Mexico. Affectionately known as the Riviera Maya.  A new experience!  I’ve traded one piece of paradise for another piece of paradise.

Just to let you know.

But why trade in one piece of paradise for another piece of paradise.  I like paradise?  There’s a difference.  Quite a bit of difference. Starting with the country, its people, culture, cuisine and even the beaches are different.  So, this becomes an adventure.  I write about adventure, I talk about adventure……darn it’s exciting to live an adventure.

So, I’ve been busying myself doing a little exploring.  I’ve hit the beaches first off…..well, no I hit the restaurants first, over the first week.  Yeah, most of them were on the beach or a street or two off the beach.  Visiting the fishing village of Puerto Morelos.



Welcome To Puerto Morelos

Welcome To Puerto Morelos

I spent to first week here……I rather enjoyed myself too.  The only thing I didn’t like about this little village was the seaweed.  While there isn’t an overabundance of seaweed, it does take away from the experience.

Here I’ve gotten the exposure to some of the music of the Caribbean……unique.  Has me rethinking a sound. Very diversified by my first experience.


It’s a Brazilian guitar of sorts!!!  Great sound.  Naturally I inquired and I want one.  While the name escapes me, it’s in my iPhone.

There were some other troubadours, guitars, harps, and the such…..while I don’t have pictures of all, I did do some videos that are on my Facebook page……https://www.facebook.com/johngaudet333   Stop by for a visit.

I’m hoping the influx of sound will have an effect on my writing…..I’m sure it will. Plus at some of the bars there’s music blaring from the stereo systems and I’m catching that stuff too.

My friend Nolan is a musician. He lives 3 doors down (sounds like a good name for a rock group!) and plays out and about periodically.  I like to catch him when I can…..very good, works his audience really well too.

So, there you go… My update.  Now, back over to www.peaceloveandbeaches.com for my daily post and then back to my music. Don’t forget while you’re here to download your FREE copy of “No More Mondays”!!!!  Did I mention it was FREE!!!!

Peace and Love,


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