The Challenge Is….. Accepted!!

The Challenge Is….. Accepted!!

The challenge is accepted!


Another one!

I’ve chosen not to get frustrated over this……my options aren’t much to choose from being here in Mexico.  So I have to make the very best of what’s available.

Two reasons I couldn’t bring everything I needed with me.  Reading thru the restrictions, I could only bring in two guitars and secondly I didn’t have the room to bring in various instruments and recording gear.

But, I want to do this, I need to do this and I have the songs to do this!!  Besides I’ve been too long on this and let too many things I could control get in my way.  These problems I can’t control.

What has happened with this is it’s left me with a narrow option for music and recording.  It’s current and techno!  This is my challenge.  Getting my music out of my head, and into my computer while maintaining an ‘organic’ feel.

All my equipment back home was 1/4 in jack inputs and outputs, balanced and in stereo.  I’m not afforded that luxury because I couldn’t bring my recording interface equipment with me.  I now have to interface with my computer via USB. So what I had to do was get a USB adapter for 1/4 inch input (going from 1/4 inch input to USB).  I got one!  No small accomplishment, things of such aren’t readily available here in Mexico.  So, I ordered thru and my daughter muled (meaning she was my courier) it to me.

The next problem was that although the guitar adapter advertised it was for PC/Mac, there’s no driver available for Mac. So, the adapter is useless.  But I’ve got an idea since I have a USB microphone!  I’m working this….BUT!!!!!

Things That I Want In Life

Here’s my latest problem that became the major derailment.

My Ovation guitar.  The bridge has lifted from the body of the guitar.  But, it’s a little more complicated than that.  You see it’s an artist rendered guitar with a lacquered top and the lacquered top has pulled off the front of the guitar with the bridge!  By the way, the bridge is the part of the guitar that the strings are anchored down to.

I didn’t see this right away.  I noticed that my guitar was out of tune…..not uncommon except this time all 6 strings were a half step out of tune.  And I found this awfully odd.  Usually not all the strings would be out of tune and especially a half step out of tune.

That’s when I looked a little closer and noticed the problem with the bridge.

I’ve contacted Ovation regarding the problem, but there’s no way I’m shipping this back to the U.S. and hoping to get it shipped back.  Nope, I’m gonna try and repair this myself. I’ve seen it done on so I figure I can do it.  I’m heading out shopping tomorrow and finding me some good wood glue and setting hardware.

This has to be the last setback.  I can’t figure out what else could possibly happen!

I’ve got the songs, I’ve got the equipment to do it…….so, I’ll give this a go!

Peace and love,


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