The Going Is Slow……..

The Going Is Slow……..

Little by little I’m making a bit of headway.

So far, I’m blogging periodically from here……I’ve also got “No More Mondays” back for a Free download… a some new pictures and some places I’ve discovered.

This is going slow…….

But, it’s really about music.

Since getting here (Riviera Maya) I’ve been setting up house and seeing a few of the sites……mostly the beaches, beach bars, bars and eating food, local cuisine only.  Now, it’s time to get back to some music.  One of my present hurdles (and if anyone has any guidance and advice please let me know) is recording software.  Back in the U.S. I used Pro Tools.  So, why not here.  Well, I could only bring certain music stuff with me plus I was limited on space in my SUV……my digi 002 couldn’t make the trip, and I was still on version 8.2 so a substantial upgrade cost wise is what I’m faced with.  I’m looking at Reasons 9 from Propeller Head as what I see to have the broadest reach recording wise and using Focusrite interface.  I’m open to anyone’s advice.



Now I have to go thru a crate with all sorts of writings……and put together a solid project.  I’d like to do a CD with a bit of Caribbean sound…..that interests me.  But at the same time I want to ‘rock’.  Looks like I’ll be doing 2.  Lots of material for my rock CD, and I’ve got a  lot of interesting ideas for some Caribe vibes.  I don’t think I’ll be bored.

This going is slow……

Just from the beautiful distractions!!  And I’m not referring to the ladies.  Although my first visit to the beach near my home, there was a young lady who decided to go topless.  Another distraction.  Well, her muscle bound beau made sure that all voyers eat their distance.  But!!!  Some old dude, considerably older than I, was trying his luck.  But he wasn’t really put out enough effort  for success or an ass whopping.


Being at the beaches and at the bars brings a variety of tastes to the palate.  Only, not enough music right now as it’s the end of the slow season……and the music is mostly done by American’s or Canadian’s trying to make ends meet.  A bit cheesy in paradise.

Still, back to me.  Looking for some inspiration.  Making friends with the locals at a number of restaraunts has been helpful….they don’t know much English and I equally their Espanyol. So, it keeps things interesting.  But, they have been able to introduce me to some of the hispanic sounds.  WOW!!!

The going is slow…..

A biggie to my advantage is I took a fall and cracked a rib.  So, that has slowed me down and my guitar seems more friendly and is no longer jealous.  So, a bit of practice has begun…..getting reacquainted.

Another thing is a neighbor from Canada plays music out in some of the eateries.  I went out this week and lend him an ear, good stuff.  Encouraging to me too.

So, stay tuned and if you have any good advice (my head is full of bad advice) please direct it here or


Peace and Love,


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