This Style Is New To Me!!! EDM???

This Style Is New To Me!

It’s never been my style!  EDM.  Hell do you realize how long it took me to find out what that acronym stood for???

Electronic Dance Music!  (I hope I got that right!)

The new recording software is so broad in it’s scope of what it can do for a musician that it has me experimenting!  EDM!!  I woke up this morning with this sound in my head and these lyrics!  I didn’t expect this!!  It doesn’t fit in with my music style and it doesn’t fit in with the music for my CD!!

I think I’m looking at a 3rd CD with a new genre for me …….EDM!!

Just thinking thru the recording process seems awkward.  I’ve never used software like this before and I’ve never written music like this before and ‘oh yeah’……I’ve never played music like this before!!!!  Just goes to show you……my life is full of variety and nothing goes without being explored!

While I’m not sure how this will come out, how I’ll fit in, I’m sure it will be interesting and it will be GOOD!!  I realized moments ago that Yoko Ono at age 83 is rocking the EDM genre and the younger audience and artist are accepting to her!!!  I’ll give it a whirl!  I guess now I’m gonna have to learn some dance moves.  I need to go watch some videos I guess.  It’ll probably help me to lose weight.  That’s a good thing!

This Style Is New To Me!

I can’t discord this!! While I’ve never done this before and it’s really not of a big interest to me. It seems my creativity is taking me there.  And who am I to question my creativity!!!  You just don’t go against your creativity.  It’s like looking a gift horse in the mouth. (I never really quite understood that saying!)

The thought of not having to put my hands on an instrument to make music is counter intuitive.  Is it cheating?  It’s odd!  It doesn’t seem like I’m playing music, that I’m a musician if I just use software to compose and produce.  But!!!  This stuff is popular and it’s winning Grammy Awards!!

You know……I could be the next Taylor Swift. Only in sandals and cutoffs……I’ll go topless if it’ll help.

I often write about adventure on my Facebook page and my blogging website .  Adventure doesn’t have to be where you physically go…..I’m realizing now it can be where I creatively go.  And that’s what I shall do!

I’m a bit apprehensive…..but I’m gonna do this and it will be GOOD!!

So, today starts that adventure….none of that music will quickly be posted here.  I’ll be refining and redefining it thru the upcoming months.  I’ll drop a sample here and there.  Get an opinion or two.

See ya soon!

Peace and Love,


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