Updating My CD Progress……..

Updating My CD Progress………..

It’s been a while. So, I’m updating my CD progress.

I gotta stay in touch!

Here we go……

Needless to say, I’m not finished.  I keep coming up with new ideas of arrangement and sounds, but I’m closing in on some.  I need to dedicate more restricted time to just working thru some of this stuff. And I know this sounds silly but since quitting my job and moving to Mexico I’ve tried not to organize and structure much of anything in my life. And it has helped on the creative side of life, it’s just working the creation that’s stymied.

Part of the recent problem of getting it done has been equipment but that should be taken care of and I’ll do a test on the equipment my daughter muled to me from the U.S. later on today.

Another thing.  I have two of my grandchildren here that I just ‘LOVE’ to spend time with because they are so much FUN!!!  But, besides that Keira is an excellent 10-year old vocalist.  She sang a cover of ‘No More Mondays’ at 6 years old.  We may re-record that one……she’s older and better.  While she’s here I want to work on an EP for her.  I’ve got ideas for songs, a few with some starter lyrics.  Then out of the blue my grandson, Max sings out a title!  Just out of the blue!  I grab a pen and my notebook and jotted that sucker down…..that is what I’m working on today.  I figure I can get about 80% of the lyric work done today and work on the music, then bang it out in about 3 days.  This is gonna be fun!

So, I’ve got her EP and my full CD on the plate right now.

Updating My CD Progress……..

Back to my CD.  I’ve got 5 solid rockers done, one ballad that’s finished just needs a bit arrangement change on the recording and I’ve an acoustic ballad floating around in the there somewhere.  So, I want 11 songs and that’s 7.  Not too bad.  Plus I’m gonna release 2 freebies, one will be on the CD the other won’t.

I’ve already have the workings on a follow-up CD, which I’m excited about.  Going back to some old rock-n-roll roots.  Gonna hit the listener with a lot of music and fast.

I’ll try and have something new here and clean out all the old demos within the next 2 to 3 weeks. I might even post the progress demos as I move along.  Although I’m not sure there’s much interest in the developmental progress.  We’ll see.

So there we have it….I’m rockin’ and rollin’, getting it done.  I had just written a blog from my travel site about encouraging myself and I mentioned about my first CD.  I call it, “Patting Myself On My Back”. You can read it at http://www.peaceloveandbeaches.com just scroll down the page, it’s about the 6th title.  It was one of those writings I needed for me.

See ya back here soon!

Peace and Love,


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