Welcome to My Music World

Welcome to My Music World

I’ve been away working on my ‘Blog’ page ( www.peaceloveandbeaches.com ) for the past however months learning about this Blogworld that’s the rave….and I think I am at the first step of knowing that I might know what I’m doing.

So, I’m starting my little blog here on my world wide site…….and I’ll also be looking into sites for different countries.

I’m presently looking for the ‘music player’ I was using to give away a FREE copy of “No More Mondays” so I can have that up and running again. Along with some other music that can be purchased for a nominal fee…..be patient, it’s on its way.

This site really reflects my problems with my life…..what to do!!!   You see, I love these Caribbean style songs with their senoritas and margaritas…..laid back island lifestyle.  I have a few more in the works right now..  Buttttt, I love my rock and roll.  I have the songs for a new CD now!  So, how do I present my website!!!  Ya see!!!   I’m like two people rolled into 1.  Should I tour, I could open for myself!!!!   Hehehehehe.

But, since the rock and roll music isn’t ready yet, I guess I’ll continue with my Caribbean approach. For now.

A lot of time in the past has been spent just writing thru some music ideas and melodies….so I now can put more time and effort there because now I can pursue that more, a lot more because I’m retired!

I’m looking to have fun here just as I do in my daily life, my downs aren’t that often and surely don’t merit any space here……so while life isn’t perfect and I’m not perfectly content moment to moment my attitude is ‘perfect’.  It tends to annoy some people, don’t let it annoy you…….catch it!

Alright, I’m done here for now.  Gonna take a break and run some errands.

See you back here soon!

Peace and Love,


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